Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa...

I wanted to share some family pics tonight. I took the two kiddos to see Santa. Talon wasn't too fond of him, but he didn't cry he just kinda scowled at him. That was funny to watch.

I took this just before we left:

I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present than to see those two smiles on my babies faces.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's a Family Tradition....

When Linsey was born I started an ornament tradition with her. Each year I purchased an ornament that depicted "her". Now that she's older, I let her pic one out and she chose this one because she said she's now a Sister (and a good one at that!).

And she helped me pick out this one for Talon. She said momma since's he's one, let's get this one, so I did.

Snow Today... Gone Tomorrow

I've been a little busy getting the kiddos Christmas items together and working on new designs that I've forgotten to write you.

It so very hard to believe but we actually got SNOW the other night!!! I was about 7yrs old the last time it snowed enough throw snowballs at each other. What a special blessing this was. I woke Linsey up at 4:30 in the morning all excited to show her the flurries falling. She was so excited that she teared up. She's such a sentimental little girl. As soon as the sun came up I bundled her up and she and I went outside to have some fun. It was sooo beautiful, so pure, so COOOLD! Burrr. It's not that often we get cold weather like this in southeast Texas. Sweetpea made her first snowball and snowman. We only got 3" of snow so that's not much to make a larger Frosty. I remember that when it snowed when I was a kid of her age, we scraped the top off and ate it. I let Sweetpea taste it too.

We had a really good time together that morning then it was off to school. I let her be late to experience this once in a lifetime event here in Texas. The saddest part of it all is that it was all gone by the evening but the memories will last a lifetime. I hope Linsey gets to share a snow day with her children one day and tell them the time her mommy let her be late for school so she could spend time with her. I've been praying for a "sign" that I could see to make sure I'm doing things right and I'd have to say that this IS IT!

We love our Flaky Family!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Linsey's friend needs a birthday gift.

Linsey has a sweet little friend in second grade who has a birthday on the 12th and she came home asking me to make her something so I made her a cute 'lil personalized bag tonight.

I purchased the bag from Wal-Mart. I ripped the sides apart to make it easier for me to embroider on. I chose 2 ribbons and stitched the black polka-dot to the solid white. I made 2 of these so it looks like it wraps around the bag.I used some 505 spray adhesive on the back of the black ribbon to hold into place and I also used it to position the completed ribbon to the pink back on both front and back of the bag. Next, I stitched the ribbons down on the front then I aligned the ribbon to the back so that the edges matched then I sewed it onto the bag. I then embroidered Shelby's name onto the bag, and added a lil bow. Finally, I stitched the bag closed.

Now, I'll probably get her some goodies to go inside the bag and send it on it's merry way to school with Linsey.

Crafty Quick Sew Bibs

I was in a crafting mood tonight so I made a few bibs for Talon. I started out with a tea towel that I purchased in a discount bin at Micheal's a few years ago. Next I cut out a circle then I cut the opening apart.

Next, I cut an orange strip of fabric approximately 31" x 2". I folded the sides to the center, pressed then I folded in half and pressed to make some simple binding. You need to stitch a raw edge (see photo below), then pin the binding in place over the raw neck edge.Go to your sewing machine and slowly stitch the binding closed. The ends of the binding need to be finished so I just folded twice then zigzagged closed. Finally I embroidered Talon's name then I stitched on some rick rack for extra pizazz.
Below I made another bib but this time I stitched some octopus fabric to the bottom then embroidered his name. I'm going to make some out of large wash cloths next. You can never have enough bibs!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tony and Jonie are coming to you soon. These are both entirely made in the hoop. I've created a series of frames that you can import your design stash into. I'm looking forward to uploading and seeing them on the website.

Quilty Hugs,

Monday, December 1, 2008

Talon's ONE Now

My lil man is officially one year old now. It was just yesterday I held him in one hand and now I'm struggling to use both. I made his lil shirt. I downloaded a coloring page and colored it in using my graphics program then added the text and crayon. It's an iron on. Feel free to print it out but be sure to reverse it first.

Linsey helped me make the cake and I caught her in the icing.

I love my new phone!

What is this gooey substance; it's all new to me?

Mommy that was some gooooood cake!

Now, Christmas is on it's way!