Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's finally starting to get really cold here in Texas.  I know 30 degrees may be a walk in the park for some of you but to us Texan's that's just down right chilly!  I had to make sure I left the faucets drip last night to keep pipes form busting.  I think the heater ran overtime!  

Talon, my 3 year old alarm clock, woke me up to hunger pangs asking for Rice Krispies so that's just what he got.  Since I was up I decided to put a pot of Taco Soup on the stove to warm the bones after we head outside to play some T-Ball.  
I took Talon to see Santa yesterday and this is as close as he really wanted to get.  He's the lil boy in back in overalls.  Linsey decided she was just to big to sit in Santa's lap anymore, although I think she really wanted to.

Yesterday evening, I took the kids around town and took pics.  Talon wasn't cooperating too much but I still got a few good shots.  

We had a few visitors while taking pics and Talon had to go explore a little then decided to chase them back to the water.

The following two pics were taken by the court house square in front of the Historic Wheat House. 


Well, here's to a couple weeks off with my kiddos.  I pray that each of you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!  I'm truly thankful and blessed in so many ways.

Merry Christmas to all and to all and full bobbin!