Sunday, January 10, 2010


The day before Christmas I held my book for the first time in my hands.  I was sooo overjoyed, I cried.  This book was truly a labor of love for me.  I wrote a little behind the scenes story that you can read on my website on my journey to get here.  If there's anything I can tell you it would be this.  Never give up on a dream.  If you feel a burning inside you every time you think of your passion, this is God saying...DO IT!  Listen to that inner voice.  You will come across things you don't think you can get through, but then you do.  Rely on faith to pull you through.  I hope you enjoy all the photos in the book too.  Here are some customer comments.  You can find my book at any more retail chain or purchase on from me.  I'll be happy to sign it for you.